Fire & Rescue Authorities

The Fire & Rescue Services of the United Kingdom are the responsibility of the designated 'Fire & Rescue Authorities'. Some 'Authorities' cover more than one County or Local Authority Area.

These current 'Fire & Rescue Authorities', will cover areas and locations previously having their own Fire Brigades of various size and structure, dating back into the 18th Century.

Scotland and Northern Ireland each have 'Boards' and the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man each have a governance arrangement under their independent Government structures. The UK Military has its own governance arrangement, as does Civil Aviation sector, covering the various airport categories.

For the purpose of Trust records, all are regarded as ‘Fire & Rescue Authorities’. For the purpose of the Trust listings, the Canadian Commission and Overseas Territories are regarded as 'Authorities'

Within each 'Fire & Rescue Authority' listing, will be found any Private/Works/Industrial Fire Brigades/Services that have existed in the respective geographical area and, who have had members of that organisation lose their life in the course of their duties.