The Firefighters Memorial Medal


The Firefighters Memorial Trust has begun a series of presentations of the ‘Firefighters Memorial Medal’

The Medal was struck by The Firefighters Memorial Trust for presentation to the immediate next of kin of those members of the Fire and Rescue Service who have died as a result of their duties and, who have met the criteria to be recorded on ‘The Firefighters Memorial’ and within the Trust’s Book of Remembrance, since 1 January 2003. There are 33 names within the qualifying period.

This date has been chosen as being the year that ‘The Blitz’ memorial, located adjacent St Paul’s Cathedral, London, was adopted as the national memorial to commemorate the deaths of all members of the Fire and Rescue Service, who have died as a result of their duties dating back to the 1700s.

The Medal is presented, mounted within a framed certificate on a suitable occasion agreed between The Trust and the nominated next-of-kin.

Presentations have taken place at events such as the unveiling of the new Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Fire Service memorial, in Bury, and the presentation of awards ceremony at the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters. The largest event took place within Lambeth Palace, London, on 26 October 2017.

The Medal is engraved on the obverse face with the Trust Crest. On the reverse face, within a pair of laurel wreaths, the medal is engraved with the details of the person being Remembered and Honoured.

The colours of the ribbon have been chosen to be symbolic of Pride, Strength and Respect.

2011 Firefighters Memorial Medal.
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